Alexander Jacob Reinhardt (Genzano di Roma, 23 february 1993) is a politician, and current Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.


  • "The fact is that an undefined term is similar to a monarchy. Why not making Whisky I, King of St.Charlie then ?" (about the undefined mandate of the Secretary of the NPSC)
  • "I find in micronationalism a way to escape from modern world, with all its work to do, stress, and routine."
  • "New Ridgeway will surely help the growth of our Nation" (about the independence of New Ridgeway)
  • "If the Branson Act [2009] is approved, it will be a big step in the development of the Federal Republic"
  • "Flandrensis claimed Siple Island as it thought that Westartica was dead. Although I think that islands in the poles aren't great lands for micronations, I believe that we're not talking about Flandrensis taking Westartica's land, but the exact opposite. I am backing Flandrensis, and so does the Cabinet, but the two nations should sit around a table, and discuss about it. Diplomacy is the best thing to do, but if it doesn't work, let's use Molossia's idea." (About the Flandrensis-Westartica crisis)
  • One hundred days have passed since the creation of our Constitution, a hundred days of reconstruction, victories, battles, and diplomacy. Yes, St.Charlie is already one hundred days old. Who doesn't remember that 1st of January 2009 ? The new year was starting; a year for St.Charlie to forget the [economic] crisis and say "hello" to reconstruction and redevelopment. A hundred days are already gone but the fight is not over: St.Charlie is still a small micronation, with a lot of potential, but still relatively small. Overall, the work done by the St.Charlian citizens is far more than what was expected. Bravo to all St.Charlians... keep it up ! (to the St.Charlian Obersver, 3rd March 2009)