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Article 1[edit | edit source]

President is elcted by the people. He makes all laws, and commands the military. He also appoints governors to each state.

Article 2[edit | edit source]

Congress is elected by the people, although they have little power and can only suggest laws.

Article 3[edit | edit source]

All judicial decisions are made by the President.

Article 4[edit | edit source]

President has supreme power over military, and can draft anyone person or animal he decides to serve.

Article 5[edit | edit source]

If citizens abuse rights and become unruly, the President may declare martial in one or all states.

Article 6[edit | edit source]

Government is not allowed to interfere with the economy at all, thus creating a super free market economy.

Amendments[edit | edit source]

1 Process for immigration to Danvania: The citizen candidate shall send the president a letter requesting approval for citizenship. The president shall decide on a case by case basis.

2 The right to free speech shall not be infringed. The right to religion shall not be infringed, as long as said religion is Roman Catholicism

3 Atheists are to be deported to hell (by means of execution)

4 Football is the national sport; soccer is banned and violators will be deported to Mexico

5 It is allowed for someone to be in congress, Supreme Court, and be the president

6 No one shall vote for anyone except Danny Davis, unless he has allowed someone to run for office

7 The right to bear arms shall not be infringed

8 The president may serve for as many terms as he is elected.

9 Citizens will have to pass a test in order to gain the right to vote. The current president shall make the test.

10 Failing the voting test or lying on it will result in being classified as an Atheist (see 3 amendment)

11 Citizens are exempted from any and all taxes

12 If the president wants to, unreasonable search and seizure is allowed

13 Persons convicted of treason shall be classified as Atheists (see 3 amendment)

14 Any people living in a disputed territory between Danvania and another country are protected/oppressed under Danvanian law.

15 Lifetime television station is banned

16 Gays are to be deported to San Francisco

17 Elections shall be held on January 6, every 50 years

18 Liberalism is a mental disorder

19 You smelt it, you dealt it

20 Dual-citizenship between Danvania and Iran will not be allowed

21 Countries may set up embassies at own risk

22 Territories are subject to Danvanian law

23 Citizens have right to protest

24 Right of citizens to petition won’t be infringed

25 Catholic Church Canon Law is also law of Danvania

26 Listening to or possessing music by Madonna is illegal

27 Washington Redskin Fans are considered guilty of treason, which classifies them as atheists (see 3 amendment).

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