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Resolution No. 13</div></div>

Resolution Number 13
Organ The Council
Date 16th January 2010
Proposed by A1
For 4
Abstention 2
Against 1
Subject OAM Media
Result Adopted

The Question of OAM MediaEdit

The Council:

Realising that the Organisation is sufficiently large so to merit some form of media outlet

Acknowledging that certain mediums of media may not be feasible nor appropriate

Noting that some form of media outlet would greatly enhance the reputation, standing and public awareness of the Organisation

1. Decides to create an OAM specific media outlet

2. Reaffirms the Organisation’s commitment to pure open democracy

3. Establishes the ‘OAM Herald’ to be established under the following conditions:

a. It shall take the form of an online newspaper
b. Editions shall be published monthly
c. The content will consist of:
i. Reports on resolutions passed
ii. Secretary-General section
iii. Editorials from any member nations wishing to write them
iv. Selected news from the micronational world
v. Editor’s section
vi. Any other OAM-related information deemed suitable by the Editor
d. The OAM Herald will be overseen by an editor elected by The Council
i. The Editor, nor any other member nation or person within the OAM, shall have the authority to remove or otherwise censor content or submitted content, including the Secretary-General, unless:
(a) The content is deemed by the editor to be explicitly racist, sexist or otherwise offensive
ii. The Editor shall be elected on six-month terms
iii. The elections shall take place under the conditions set out in Resolution 010 (1)
iv. The elections shall take place under the following additional conditions:
(a) Elections will take place every six (6) months
(b) The candidate having the most votes at the conclusion of the voting period shall be, from the day after the conclusion of the voting period forward, elected and take the title of Editor of the OAM Herald
(c) In the event of an equal number of votes between the candidates with the most votes, the matter shall be deferred to The Council for deliberation
(d) Each member nation shall be entitled to select two candidates who they believe should become Editor, ranked in numerical order from most preferred to least preferred
(e) Subsequent elections will begin exactly six (6) months after the commencement of the previous elections
(f) The voting period shall extend for seven (7) days
v. The position of Editor shall not impede the right of the member nation to contribute to the OAM Herald
e. The OAM Herald shall be published in such public areas as:
i. OAM online resources
ii. MicroCommons
f. The designing of the newspaper shall be the responsibility of any member nation wishing to assist the Editor in doing so
g. The final decision on the design of the newspaper shall fall within the scope of the Editor