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Resolution No. 18</div></div>

Resolution Number 18
Organ The Council
Date 5th February 2010
Proposed by A1
For 5
Abstention 1
Against 0
Subject Bir-Tawil
Result Adopted

The Question of Bir-TawilEdit

The Council:

Noting the territorial claims of the Soviet Republic of North America,

Noting the SRNA's existence since 2006,

Condemning the newly established micronation of the Grand Dukedom of Bir-Tawil for its claims on SRNA territory and threats to the SRNA;

1. Condemns the Grand Dukedom of Bir-Tawil for its actions,

2. Decides to call both the SRNA and Bir-Tawil to the negotiation table,

3. Decides to send a delegation of two nominated persons of two volunteer member nations:

a) authorised by the Secretary-General
b) not having direct vested interests in the current conflict
c) within two (2) days of the passing of this resolution
d) to mediate between both parties and prevent conflict
e) to report back to The Council upon completion of negotiations,

4. Resolves to remain seized of the matter.