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Resolution No. 30</div></div>

Resolution Number 30
Organ The Council
Date 12th March 2010
Proposed by Royal reformed States of America (amended by Victoria)
For 6
Abstention 1
Against 4
Subject Rules for Communication
Result Adopted

The Question of Rules for CommunicationEdit

The Council;

Noting an absence of formal rules for communication between delegates

Acknowledging that such rules are needed

Acknowledging the opposition of a single party deciding the interpretation and judgement of such rules

Acknowledging the problem of deciding upon the exact rules in a single resolution

1.Establishes the OAM Committee of Delegate Communication (CDC)

2.Decides that the CDC shall consist of four delegates

a) Each delegate shall be voted upon by the council for a four month term

3.Decides the CDC shall create rules and regulations for communication between delegates and punishments for when these rules are not followed

a) The CDC shall report any violation of the rules and regulations

b) All rules, punishments and regulations created by the CDC shall be voted upon by the Council

c) In the event of a member violating a rule or regulation, the question of the member being guilty or innocent shall be voted upon by the Council

4.Decides for an appeals section be created for those members found guilty who may want to have their case reviewed

a) The appeal shall be voted upon by the council, and an innocent or guilty decision be found

5.Decides that all rules, punishments and regulations decided upon by the CDC and the Council be posted in a single location, viewable by anyone.