Dear people of the OAM and citizens of Wyvern,

I have made a grave mistake, besides my to harsh resignation letter, i withdrew the Kingdom from the OAM without voting or consent of the current Minister.

The mistake was due to a miscommunication and non existing regulations regarding absence and the definition of absence in these matters, thus for this i thought Quentin was absent wilest he wasnt This was a mistake and i will take the full blame for it. The situation of the Kingdom and the place in the OAM wilbe discussed after the return of His Majesty.

To the OAM i will like to appologise for the harsh letter that could have been more diplomatic, and to the rest i want to say that it will be my governments task to see if we stay in the OAM and to make guidelines of the rules of conduct, absence of a minister and when its noted as absence and when not. We will keep you updated on this matter.

The Government of the Kingdom has got a apeal of the Secundomian Government to restore friendship, the Kingdom will look if this is possible, because of the tenstions that arose over the grieving and a recent discussion if it was griefing for Parker I and Spencer have said not knowing that Anvil wasnt theirs. As Prime-Minister I will discuss this claim with the rest of the government, until now it will be seen as a nonsens and his actions will remain labled as griefing.

The Kingdom has got good news from the Flandrensis, they have given Green light to the creation of the Union of Dutch Speaking Micronations (Unie der Nederlands talige Micronaties / Unie der Dietsche Micronatiën) the name in Dutch will remain a point of discussion.

The Kingdom of Wyvern will also be testing a bottle rocket after the return of His Majesty.

I hope I have informed you all well and if there are any questions regarding me:

Bradley of Dullahan

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