My fellow micronationalists, Today I’m going to talk about these lies, these presuming that are going around. This month, parker and I have worked hard for peace to stay in this community, but it seems that the lefties don’t want this, still their blaming us for this mess, I will give some good points on to view at and wash away this ignorance:

  • The ICA doesn’t want to destroy Communism or Socialism, but wants it to be diminished and restore or make a grow for conservatism in this community.
  • The ICA is more liberal (European Liberal term used not the American one)than any lefties state in the community.
  • The ICA never started this argument but Sandus did and seemly they don’t get any critic for that.
  • The ICA is attacked because it defends its self.
  • It isn’t the first time that Sandus creates a shake in the community, but do they ever get many nations attacking them. Answer: No.
  • The only one willing to talk it over is the Erusian government, other lefties state or purple governments have criticized us for nothing even when the peace was there and even made this situation to begin all over (St. Charlie Observer (again) With possibly can only criticize others).
  • We have been called Fascists, Nazi’s, Social Darwinists multiple times by the lefties, were they able to prove that? Answer: No.
  • The Lefties attacked Charles I personally with he did not do. (weak politics)
  • We don’t want war, but the lefties apparently do.
  • This is the truth, and all of you know it is, and to all who call us fascists:
  • Your dictatorial Stalinists and that is even worse than Fascists.

I hate appeasement politics and I am not afraid to uncover all the weak and undemocratic issues of all those nations, Yes I’m asking for peace, but then the lefties must stop attacking because I’m going defensive + offensive.

Parker I will reply to Mister Lethler soon.

Left doesnt work, right does,

Bradley of Dullahan Intermicronational Conservative Alliance Vice-Chairmen/Secretery-General

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